Sue Odam

As a child Sue, grew up with two brothers and a sister and was unaware of her spiritual abilities. It was not until her father died, that Sue had her first significant spiritual experience.
About 3 months after his death, she heard voices telling her not get herself in a state as he was well and ok. Sue instantly took herself to the doctors. He gave her pills and suggested she went on holiday.

The pills went into the bin and the voices went on holiday with her. Worried that she was "losing the plot" she blocked out the voices and carried on with her life as a wife and a mother.

Several years later Sue met a spiritualist, who explained to her about the voices. Over the next two years, she supported Sue to begin her spiritual journey and became a very dear friend.

Sue first developed trance mediumship and was fascinated to learn about psychic energy, mediumship, clairvoyance and spiritualism, but her drive has always been to share her knowledge.

She began working as a medium, doing sittings and then demonstrating mediumship on church platforms. More than twenty years later, Sue is a respected medium, working all over the UK and Europe, demonstrating mediumship in a wide range of venues. Sue's passion for teaching remains strong, working with people who want to learn more about psychic awareness, all levels of mediumship, trance, personal development & confidence building.

Hundreds of students have taken part in her workshops, seminars, circles, development groups and more than 14 students have gone on to become working mediums of a high standard.

Sue holds a CSNUd award from The Spiritualists' National Union for demonstrating, also for speaking. An advanced certificate in counselling , which enables her to relate to students and help them through their development.

Sue was an active member of the Spiritualists' National Unions East Midlands District Council Education Committee for ten years, working to bring quality education to as many learners as possible.

Sue supports a range of charities and local causes - and whenever she can, she raises money for her charity of choice, S.T.R.U.T a local charity who support children with difficulties providing respite care, toys and vital equipment.