Sue is a highly experienced facilitator and trance medium with over 20 years experience and a refreshing approach to teaching.She believes that we never stop learning and that everyone can shine and reach their potential - all they need is a little help to reach their goals and desires.
Her focus is to bring spiritual education and development from the Spiritualist church into the public domain.
Sue has a strong belief that people who want to follow their spiritual development deserve excellent quality and accessible training.

What Sue offers:

Sue specialises in one-to-one tuition and coaching in mediumship, spiritual/personal development. Sue organises and delivers:- Day and weekly Residential Workshops, Seminars and courses, Awareness and Development groups, Home Circles, Training programmes and lectures Including:-
  • Basic awareness of the self and spirit
  • Intermediate mediumship/philosophy
  • Platform presentation
  • Trance (all levels)
  • Phenomena of Haunting and Ghosts
  • Personal development and confidence-building


Sue's vast experience and attention to detail ensures that her tutoring is of a very high standard.
Her "person centred" approach enables her to personalise learning and accommodate individuals within a group.

This unique quality ensures that everyone gets the most from their learning. Her hands-on, supportive style means that the learning experience is always fun, creative and produces results.

Sue teaches with total honesty, recognising the level at which her students are working and gently supporting them to achieve their goals.
By accessing an individuals potential, she is able to nurture the teacher/medium qualities of her students, enabling them to gain the confidence they need to bring out their natural talents.


Sue has developed and supported several hundred students on their spiritual quest and at least 14 of her students have now become respected mediums and teachers in their own right.

Sue initiated and led a very successful training programme at her local Spiritualist Church in Lincolnshire, which grew and evolved into four groups ranging from beginner to advanced level, each group renown for its excellence in teaching.

Sue is a regular tutor in churches for the Spiritualists National Union and worked on the East Midlands District Council Education and Exponents Committee for which she chaired for a year. Her keen interest in student mediums/speakers has included the organisation of demonstration nights for trainee mediums to gain experience on the platform before stepping out on their own.

She extends to you, an invitation to come along and meet her at any of her workshops, services, seminars and private sittings, see diary

If you are interested to book her expertise for your organization or personally; email Sue